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Our Hotel is surrounded by a wonderful park, but there are plenty of parking spaces too. Some are indoors and all are enclosed and video monitored. We have large spaces that can accommodate tour buses and heavy transport vehicle.

The whole structure is served by comfortable elevators and is entirely accessible by wheelchair.

From each room guests can independently control heating or air conditioning, but if you prefer call us and we will do it remotely from the reception.

With our 300 rooms we can also accommodate large groups and events, always guaranteeing maximum comfort and a careful and punctual service. Do not hesitate to contact us: obviously the prices for the groups are discounted!

Wi-Fi connection throughout the hotel. We are served by optical fiber, so the network is definitely fast and performing. If you have to work and you don't have your PC with you, you can find a free Internet Point in the lobby, open 24 hours a day.
Otherwise ... We look forward to seeing you at the pool for a well-deserved relax!


Corso Primo Levi n°150
10098 Rivoli, TO
TEL. + 39 011 9566586
FAX. +39 011 9531338

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