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Hotel Rivoli (Turin) Pet Friendly - Dogs Allowed

In our hotel all pets are welcome!

At Hotel Rivoli hosting dogs and cats is not a problem.
We welcome guests with pets and offering customized services designed for the reception of your friends, in order to stay well together even away from home and your habits.

Here are our comfort that will make your stay and that of your 4-legs-friends simple, practical and comfortable.

- Large garden that your dogs will love;
- Vet 24 h at less than 5 km;
- Pet sitter on request and subject to availability;
- Grooming on request and subject to availability.

So what are you waiting for?
Take on vacation with you your 4-legged friend: service, quality and hospitality throughout the year.
Book directly online in a few simple clicks your stay in Rivoli (Turin) in our hotel completely Pet Friendly!
Hotel Rivoli (Turin) Pet Friendly - Dogs Allowed


Corso Primo Levi n°150
10098 Rivoli, TO
TEL. + 39 011 9566586
FAX. +39 011 9531338

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